Longboarding is much different than skateboarding. Simple longboarding, as seen in this video, is more like snowboarding on streets. At a more advanced level, there are style moves that involve spinning down steep hills using gloves. Longboarding is about speed and is not to be confused with skateboarding, which involves board tricks.

My 5 Important Guidelines

  1. Learn how to fall safely
  2. Never take on a hill without knowing if the route is safe beforehand
  3. Be aware of cars
  4. Know how to carve (taking S-shaped curves to slow down)
  5. Work your way up and don't take risks

I started longboarding in middle school with some friends. I grew up on a small hill that was paved and safe for learning how to longboard. While I am not an expert, I have always casually boarded ever since then. It's a great way to have fun on summer days.

Why I enjoy casual longboarding:

I've spent many days just skating with friends. I enjoy getting together with friends and just boarding around town. Taking on the challenge of riding an intimidating hill give me a rush.board2.jpg