My Vision...

Documenting my personal cultural phenomena I tell the stories of my life through representations of memory, figures and artifacts. Making art for me is making life records; similar to the archeologist collecting data, and creating more complete pictures of things that have past. By representing the details of experience, the everyday, and the left over pieces, I feel that I can preserve my culture, family, memory, and experience.

Always essential to my work was the collecting of artifacts and objects, and the preservation and presentation of these pieces of the past. Sometimes the data was collected via video, actual objects were scavenged, and some artifacts were created from memory (near reproductions of objects lost). The evidence was displayed in an installation format; often telling stories through the layers of information both visual and textural.

My obsession with collecting turned into large scale drawing installations. Drawn from observation, the making of the drawing was as much a part of the work as the content or subject. To draw is in essence to record or to document. It is the artist as record maker that interests me. Documenting the real world through my own hand. I create drawings so that the objects of memory can be archived and stored ahead of time.

Often, I create then curate my own works. Cutout drawings of everyday household objects become movable pieces in a virtual interior space. The recomposition of elements and parts to create a new virtual reality plays an important role in my work, specifically "My House: the artifacts". In the gallery I take on the role of exhibition designer, as I arrange the objects I've drawn on the walls. These objects/artifacts are physical forms, and although they are two-dimensional drawings I relate to them as three-dimensional signifiers. These virtual objects are as real to me as their sources, and in this way, a drawn vase is no less real in my world as a real vase. Truth or fiction, these artifacts are the evidence of my existence.

Interested in testing the conventions of drawing, I work in and around academic traditions of representation. Although I draw in a gestural manner, my images are not overly distorted or expressive. I use marker as my drawing medium so I cannot correct the mistakes of the hand. Each imperfection, in search of perfection, inspires me to continue in the task of collecting data and representing my own reality. In my most recent series, "Empty Vessels," I have turned my focus from observational drawing to conceptual drawing. These tables, bowls and vases are invented, yet are rendered using the conventions of light, shadow, and perspective.

Collections of objects, text, diagrams, portraits, marks and memories fill my work. I create wall installations using cut out or shaped drawings to show the massive nature of the collected personal experience. I use the everyday as subject to denote the importance of the individual, even in the most mundane representations of my life.